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Sluggo Celebrates Octoberfest and Halloween!

Who is Sluggo? Well, most of my friends and family know all about Sluggo. He’s a legend. Most people love him but there is a few who would rather he wasn’t around. Ok, it’s just one person that I know of who rolls her eyes when Sluggo is around. No names will be mentioned. She knows who she is! But I think we’re wearing her down! Secretly she loves Sluggo too! Sluggo goes everywhere with us. He goes skiing, he’s been on many cruises, he’s been all over the country with us and even went on a couple of trips with friends! He even got to go to Hawaii! My nieces and nephews love him too! They used to always ask if I brought “the little blue man” when I visited them. Like I said, he gets around.

For those of you who are saying, Sluggo? Sounds familiar. If you are a fan of the older episodes of Saturday Night Live you will know him. He is Mr. Bill’s nemesis. Oh no!!!!! Sometimes I do forget to bring him places. I know, it happens. I am going to try and remember to bring him this weekend to a pig roast we are going to. One of his favorite places to go to is EPCOT for the wine and food festival. We are going next weekend so I’ll have more pics.

Sluggo in Germany at EPCOT

He really likes beer too!

We even took him to a Halloween party a few years ago.


He’s even been to Hooters!! (That’s another story for another day though!)

John and Sluggo with the Hooters girls!

Like I said, he’s been all over! Next up for him is cooking! He has the drinking part down pretty good so now maybe I can teach him to cook.

So now you have all met Sluggo. Yes we are little nuts in this house. But it’s fun!

Today’s post is usually a cocktail recipe but for today we are just going to go with one of Sluggo’s favorite seasonal beers. Or should I say two? He can’t decide today. Should he have the Sam Adams Octoberfest? Or my favorite, Shipyard Brewery’s Pumpkinhead Ale? I say the Pumpkinhead! Tastes just like a piece of pumpkin pie! So yummy!!

Decisions! Decisions!

I wish all my decisions were this tough! So enjoy your weekend everyone and I hope you all enjoyed meeting Sluggo! He will be back!

Amaretto Creme Brulee Martini

Hey everyone! I know I was a slacker yesterday with my cocktail post. BUT, I have made up for it today. I was looking for a Oktoberfest martini or cocktail to put on here but everything I found for Oktoberfest was beer! Nothing wrong with beer. I love beer. But I wanted a martini! And we are going to a German restaurant tonight with our neighbors for a now “tradition” of Oktoberfest with the peeps. (Thanks Nancy and Steve!) They only serve beer and wine so I wanted something more to start the party! Anyway…I ended up finding a martini that was all about some of my favorite things. Amaretto and Creme Brulee. I LOVE two kinds of desserts. Tiramisu and Creme Brulee. They are the only two desserts I CANNOT pass up in a restaurant (though sometimes Key Lime Pie creeps in there too).  My fave liqueur is amaretto. (DiSaronno only!!! There is no option of any other kind in my opinion) Love it!! So this cocktail was a must try. I also had all the ingredients for the most part. It called for a lemon wedge garnish, no lemons in the house. I used a raspberry. Prettier! And it calls for a splash of cream. I had half-and-half. Next time I will use cream for sure. Ok, I made two martinis to try this out. Let me just say, it packs quite a kick! Good thing we don’t have to be at dinner till 7pm! Wow. I have to say I really liked this martini! Oh yeah, the recipe also calls for Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka. I recommend using that. We only had Absolut Vanilla (that we got a LONG LONG time ago from someone) Don’t use Absolut. I don’t know if it was because it was old or what but it had an aftertaste. Use Van Gogh. Really cool bottles too! Hey, is it hot in here?? (that’s another story!) But I have now put the  Van Gogh on my list for the booze store. We have Total Wine & Liquors down here. It is the BEST store for booze, wine, beer…Like a warehouse for booze! And you can’t beat the prices. BJ’s here has a liquor store and they are close but they don’t have the selection.

Ok, before I bore everyone with my babbling here is the recipe. (thank goodness for spellcheck!)


3 ounces Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka

2 ounces Licor 43

1 ounce Amaretto di Saronno

Splash of  cream (twice!)

Brown sugar & lemon wedge garnish (I used a frozen raspberry)


Rim chilled cocktail glasses with lemon and dip in brown sugar. Set aside to dry.

Keep glasses chilled in refrigerator or freezer if you can.

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to blend and chill. Strain into chilled martini glasses!

Garnish with raspberry or cherry!

Makes 2 martinis

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