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Hi everyone! Today’s post is a little different. No recipes today, sorry. I am actually writing this at my current job and don’t have access to my blog or personal email or anything.

As most of you may or may not know I just went back to work a month ago after being without a job for 18 months. And as some of you may or may not know I previously worked from home for close to 6 wonderful years. It was and will always be my dream job. I was an independent contractor for a marketing company and did data entry and other various things all from the comfort of my home. I worked in my shorts, t-shirts, barefoot. I worked my own hours as along as I had my work completed by deadline. It was never a problem and I just loved it. I am very organized and had my routine. I took vacations when I wanted, never had to call in sick, never had to commute…It was awesome! But alas, our country’s economy had other plans for the company I did work for and the business had to close.

Did I mention I LOVED working from home? I was so organized when it came to the job it was scary. I had a routine and system and it worked for me and my family. I could get all the housework and errands done during the week so our weekends were free. My cats also loved having me around all day! Yes they were spoiled a bit. But alas I am now working outside the home, commute by car 45 minutes, and I had to buy a whole new clothing wardrobe! So while I am very grateful to have a job to pay a few bills I am far from happy. This position pays a mere fraction of what I earned before and needless to say the bills are still piling up. So I am aggressively looking for a different position which will hopefully be more suitable to my work style. Remember I LOVED my last job.

So what today’s post really is all about is me ‘networking’ with my friends in the blogging world and anyone who reads my blogs. I am hoping that someone out there may know someone, or know a company, or someone who knows someone, etc that may fit into what I am looking for. I am excellent in data entry and very fast. I work extremely well unsupervised and I have a super work ethic.  I also worked for a friend helping them to ‘build’ a website. They built websites for a living and had a kitchen/bath hardware site that they were creating and needed all the items to buy input into the system. I did that as well and loved it. Give me a computer and let me do the work from home and I’m a very happy camper.

So basically what I am doing is asking or begging really, if anyone knows of a job, or company or person who hires people for computer work, data entry etc. Any information is extremely welcome. I bought an iMac (16 months ago) right after I stopped working. It was perfect timing, my PC died about a month or so after my job ended! So now I am a Mac. Love my iMac. Once I start working at home again my blogging will increase as well. I used to post almost every day but now I barely have time to breathe when I get home at 7pm from work. I miss blogging every day!! I can’t even access personal email from work let alone my blog. So please help me get back to my happy blogging place!

And before I make this anymore long-winded I want to make sure that I don’t seem ungrateful for my current job, considering how long it took me to find it. 2 interviews in 18 months was not fun. But I am aware this job is not for me. So thank you everyone for listening to me babble and beg. I hope to be blogging more than I do now very soon! I am getting all my recipes ready! Thank you again everyone!

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